Hello!  My name is Susan Berger, owner of BergerMediapPro.com!
Hello! And thank you for visiting BMP! 
As many of you know, as an educator with an extensive background in charter, after-school, day, and public schools, BMP continues to deliver innovation and creativity in the Visual & Performing Arts, plus, Creative Expression, plus Digital Artistry! BMP has always provided excellence in the classroom or your personal projects! 

Whether your artistic heartbeat is education to challenge, learn and help our students reach their fullest potential, or your business, and personal goals, BMP exceeds the expectations in theatre, after-school programs, film, full-service video production, scriptwriting, storyboarding/storytelling, acting, 
and more. 

BMP's purpose continues to give you peak results with contentment. We imprint your thoughts and conceptualize your style based on originality and newness. Moving forward, we invigorate your artistic talent through our Patron Preservation Program (PPP), a 2-week Coaching Academic Program; (CAP) that invigorates enhances, and preserves your relevancy. We maintain you by updating your skill set, equipping you, and building your confidence to attract attention!  BMP Thanks you, once again for patronizing us for over twenty years and believing 
in us!                         
 We so appreciate you! Thank you for choosing quality service!