From a baby, everyone told GINGER JAMES; how pretty she was! She had no choice but to use what she had for gain and comfort. Rejected, abused, and abandoned, no one enlightened her about the fact that she had much more positivity than the pretty powers that would eventually fail her. Ginger's nemesis hated everything about her; instead, she only wanted the love of her mother, Nicole.  Though the "Pretty Girl" learned how to manipulate others, there were life survival lessons she needed to discover.  But will she ever learn?  
Please, need your help and support to raise awareness and provide training to at-risk youth and adults through the Media Arts  Productions (MAP) on Damaging Life Issues and how we can be healed! "Don't Stay In That Seat" Stay tuned for the Seed Trailer Movie Project (If the Lord wills.) to be released.  
n February - March 2023; send all contributing donations to: 
$Berg2Berg, $aprilharris71, and $LibraJustice
The Illustrious Pastor David Holmes, The 1st recipient of the Pastoral  International Presidential  Award, tenfold ministry, trophy wife, and a newborn son, is riding high suddenly slips into depression and a stupor during the sudden arrival of an unknown teenage son.

Belligerent and evil as hell a young man is on the deep road to destruction. After a week of carousing, he kills his mother, robs a store, and uses his friend for a shield, he hops on the elevator and quickly drops down to a tour of hell guided by Satan himself. He runs into people he never expected to see. Where does it all end?
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